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Q?What’s new?

We are very excited to announce a our new Event Planning System to help make your planning experience a more enjoyable one.

When you book with us, we provide you with a log in and Password enabling you to access your exclusive Event Planning System that will make your planning experience even better, doing so knowing your information is secure. You’ll be able to submit a unique wedding planner right from our website without having to download anything to your computer; search our music database; listen to and add songs to your own individual request list; submit a timeline of events for the day of your event; give access to your guests so they can submit their requests ahead of time; just to name a few of the features we’ll be providing.

You’ll be able to review details of your contract, update your contact information (even upload your engagement photo), request changes and if you use the Contact Us page while you’re logged in, all your emails will be tracked for you to review.

Q?How much do you charge?

Pricing is understandably a concern when it comes to budgeting your wedding or event.

Unfortunately, not all DJ’s are created equal. We take the time with you to find out what your vision is for your wedding day or event, and what you’d like your reception to look and feel like.

Our rates vary between $799.00 up to $1699.00, plus HST. What determines your actual rate is what you’d like us to do for you. Having been in business for 30+ years, we can do many things. We can give you a straight up great party or we can give you the atmosphere of a true celebration.

Of course, your wedding or event may not be a typical 5:00 pm to 1:00 am event. We encourage you to talk to us. Prices can be adjusted depending on your individual needs and are discussed at the time of initial consultation.

Q?What do all of your packages include, aside from your equipment?
  • WPIC Certified DJ Business
  • Two-Time National CPDJA Award Winning DJ Service
  • Up to 8 Hours of non-stop music (5:00 pm to 1:00 am)
  • Written Contract/Agreement
  • CONNECT Music Licensing License
  • CPDJA Members
  • $2,000,000 Liability Insurance coverage
  • Unlimited Pre-Event Consultations
  • Access to your exclusive Client Area
  • Advanced Online Guest Music Request System
  • Early Arrival and Equipment Set Up
  • Pre-Event Equipment Testing & Sound Testing
  • Our Complete Digital Music Library
  • Complimentary Wired and Wireless Microphone for Speeches and Announcements

WPIC Certified DJ Business
Cheryl Savoie, WPICC

As a Certified Professional Wedding Planner, Cheryl keeps a watchful eye on the latest unique wedding and event ideas to provide suggestions that will assist you in your planning process.

She can also provide you with referrals to many industry contacts should you need suggestions for other talented wedding professionals in the industry, such as top Photographers, Decor Specialists, Florists, etc.

Q?Up to 8 Hours of non-stop music (5:00 pm to 1:00 am)

Each of our four main packages includes music for cocktails, dinner and for the reception. From 5:00 pm to 1:00 am; Many other Disc Jockey’s fees are based on providing music from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. and if you want music for cocktails and dinner, you can expect to pay between $50.00 to $150.00 per hour on top of their fee, if not more.

Q?Written Contract/Agreement – Do you have a contract I can sign?

Yes. We can complete a paper contract, or we also have an electronic contract available.

Q?CONNECT Music Licensing (Formerly known as the AVLA)

Yes. We operate in full compliance with all Federal Copyright Laws. We have both conventional Compact Disc and Digital Hard Disc Licenses in place at all times.This license permits us to:

  • Make copies of sound recordings owned by AVLA members for the purpose of entertainment to the public, lease copies of sound recordings to commercial subscribers and transmission sound recordings via webcast; and to
  • Make copies of music videos and perform music videos or for the purpose of entertainment to the public (broadcast) and lease copies of music videos to commercial subscribers

About CONNECT Music Licensing:

CONNECT music licensing administers licences in Canada for the reproduction of sound recordings, and the reproduction and broadcast of music videos on behalf of the copyright owners (usually the record companies).  A licence from CONNECT music licensing ensures that owners receive compensation for the use of their sound recordings and/or music videos.

In Canada, CONNECT music licensing members consist of all the major record companies, many of the independent labels, as well as artists and producers.  Their  members own or control the vast majority of the copyright of all the sound recordings and music videos produced and/or distributed in Canada.

Any group or individual making copies of sound recordings, music videos, exhibiting or broadcasting a music video(s) will require authorization from the copyright holder, or from CONNECT music licensing (as their appointed agent).  Without this permission, the group or individual is subject to legal prosecution for copyright infringement.

CONNECT music licensing also distributes royalties to its members for the communication, public performance or private copying of their eligible sound recordings.

As members of the CPDJA, our CONNECT music licensing license is included in our Professional CPDJA Membership.

You need a CONNECT music licensing DJ licence if:

  • You are creating reproductions of sound recordings (on a computer hard drive, CD-Rs, cassettes or mini-discs).

You do not need a CONNECT music licensing DJ licence if:

  • You are only using the original LP’s/cassettes/CD’s you purchased in a record store.
  • You are only using cassettes/CD’s/CD-R’s you have leased from a CONNECT music licensing licensed music supply service such as ERG, Multi Music, Promo Only, or RSM/Innovative Entertainment.
Q?CPDJA Members – Are You a Member of a Professional DJ Association?

Yes. We are members in good standing of the largest professional association in Canada, the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA).

Not all Ds belong to a Professional DJ Association. Association members are accountable for their ethical and professional behaviour within the Association and, more importantly, to you the customer.

Q?Do you have Liability Insurance?

Yes. We carry $2,000,000 liability coverage in order to protect the interests of all parties concerned.

If your DJ doesn’t have active Liability Insurance, you can be held liable for any damages that may occur. Many venues require that DJs have Liability Insurance coverage before performing on their premises. This also protects you, the customer.

Q?Unlimited Pre-Event Consultations

There is a lot to think about while planning your reception and your music is very important. We create files for each of our clients, and in this day and age of technology it’s sometimes easier to send off a quick email to us when you have a question about the music and what you need or what you want to change. We are only ever a phone call away if you have any questions at all.

Q?Access to your exclusive Client Area Planning Information…

Our Client Area will provide you with the tools you need to plan all things music for your wedding day. It will provide you with song ideas if you’re looking for the perfect First & Last Songs, Parents Dances, and Bouquet and Garter song suggestions.

These special lists have been developed from weddings we’ve played at. We are continually adding song suggestions from these weddings.

Q?Advanced Online Guest Music Request System – Do you take requests?

YES! We specialize in requests!
Remember, “Reading the Crowd” is simply an understanding of audience demographics.
No one knows more about what your guests want to hear than your guests!
Our experience has taught us that you can’t guess what is going to motivate your audience.
Through our pre-event planning process, our Advanced Online Guest Music Request System and requests received from your guests at your reception or event, we gather the right information to ensure we are playing the right music.

Q?Our Song Request System

We take requests several ways:
Before your reception or event – through our Advanced Online Guest Music Request System
At your reception or event – By using our Request Sheets
Anytime – From our clients, either through your exclusive Client Area Music Requests, email or Facebook

Not only will your guests be able to make requests at your reception or event, but we also create a dedicated link which is provided to you to give to your guests, either through your invitations, via email, a dedicated wedding website, your personal Facebook page, or a wedding Facebook group page where they can make their requests ahead of time.

Our Request Sheets are a great icebreaker!

This is especially useful when you have people seated together who are meeting for the first time as this process promotes conversation with those in attendance.

We attempt to position our request sheets in such a way that they aren’t overly distracting and don’t affect the decor. Of course, our request sheets are only placed on the tables if we have your permission to do so.

This will let your guests know that we are approachable. It helps to create a comfortable connection between the audience and your DJ, reducing the “stage fright” factor that many people have when dealing with music professionals. If there is still a level of “stage fright”, these request sheets alleviate the need to actually speak with the DJ and can be easily handed to us.

Successful interaction between Red’s DJ and your guests starts by letting them know that our only purpose is to make sure they have a great time. If you “guess” what people want to hear, you can be either right or wrong. We believe that your occasion deserves better than a 50% chance of success. Your audience directs our music as no one knows better as to what they want to hear. This is why we find out the facts. If every song you play is an audience favorite – everyone wins. Most importantly, this system lets us know how much of each musical style your audience wants to hear. It also tells us what songs in each style will create maximum dance floor impact.

Please Note:
Your guests’ requests will be reviewed by both yourselves and Reds DJ, who will be playing the music, to determine appropriateness and popularity. We will attempt to cover as many requests as possible in the time we’ve got to play, however song requests cannot be guaranteed. Any request made may be edited from the list by the client or couple, or by Reds DJ, should they be considered inappropriate for the event or if time restrictions occur.

Q?I’ve heard that some DJ’s won’t let their Clients give them a list of songs to play the night of the reception. What is your Request Policy

We are delighted to take requests at your event.
Take a look at our Music Request Policy…Designed with the Party in Mind!

Q?Do you know how to read the crowd?

We do not limit your input – we encourage it. It’s your day, and it should happen your way. Being a Disc Jockey for 30+ years, Denis knows how to read a crowd, how to integrate your requests and your guests’ requests into an evening. Denis does not play from a pre-programmed list. We know every wedding is different and every one of our couples have different tastes as to the type of music they like.

The skill of a disc jockey is to know how to read a crowd and when to speed it up and when to slow it down or change the style of music. Anyone can play music, but knowing how to read a room is a skill not had by all disc jockeys. Denis prides himself in this skill.

Q?Early Arrival and Equipment Set Up – How early do you arrive prior to a function?

Depending on the technical complexity of your event, we will arrive a minimum of 90 minutes prior to our agreed start time, allowing time for our set-up and completion of sound checks for quality assurance. Our policy is to be completely music ready within the playing area, before the arrival of your first guests.

Q?Why do you offer wedding packages?

Wedding packages are an easy way to know exactly what you need and to know exactly what you are paying for. Our pricing is straight forward with no hidden surprises. Which brings us to our next question.

Q?Are there any hidden charges?

No. We are very upfront about our services and the fees we charge. All fees that pertain to your function are listed fully on your contract. Overtime rates are clearly posted should you want us to play beyond the scheduled end of the function. Any required additional services will be fully discussed prior to any changes in your contract.

Q?Do you have travel expenses?

Functions within the Greater City of Sudbury are not subject to a mileage expense. However, functions held outside the Greater City of Sudbury are subject to a mileage expense to be determined at the time of booking. Hotel accommodations fee may be charged, if required.

Q?What is the payment schedule?

The deposit amount depends on the package chosen. Generally speaking, we ask for 1/4 of our fee as the deposit. The balance owing is due 14 days prior to your function. It’s much easier to have the balance paid two weeks before your function as it’s one less thing for you to worry about on the day of your wedding.

Q?What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Cheque, and Interac Transfers. PayPal and Credit Card processing is also available, however there is an additional minimal surcharge fee for payment via PayPal and Credit Cards.

Q?What happens if I bounce a cheque?

You will be charged a $40.00 NSF fee in addition to the amount of the cheque.

Q?What happens if my payment is late?

A late fee of $50.00 will be added to your balance owing.

Q?If the function is cancelled, do I receive my deposit back?

Deposits (aka Initial Payments) are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation, unless we re-book for the same evening. If re-booked, then your deposit would be refunded to you. In the event of having to postpone your wedding and you’re planning on re-booking with us, we would carry over the deposit and keep the same package price until you’re ready to have your wedding.

Q?Can you tell me what the SOCAN is? My venue location is telling me I have to pay this. Am I going to be charged twice for this?

SOCAN is the Canadian copyright collective that collects license fees, (as set by the Copyright Board of Canada, on behalf of more than 100,000 composers, authors and music publisher members, from anyone playing or broadcasting live or recorded music), and distributes royalties to these members to ensure that these members get paid for the public performance and communication to the public of their music.

SOCAN collects license fees in accordance with tariffs approved by The Copyright Board of Canada. Venue’s who have a SOCAN license, are required to pay a fee, per event, based on room capacity and can vary from $41.13 to $174.79 depending on the room capacity. (Based on 2010 tariff fees) This fee is passed on to the Client who is required to pay this fee to the venue. This is not a fee that we are required to pay and we do not charge our Clients for this fee as we are not required to have a SOCAN license. We are already licensed with CONNECT Music Licensing.

Q?I understand that there have been changes that allow the DJ to play until 2 a.m. Is this correct?

Effective June 1, 2011 the Ontario Liquor License Act Regulation 389/91 has extended the hours for the sale and service of liquor under an SOP (Special Occasion Permit) from what was previously 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. the following day, to, as of June 1, 2011 from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. the following day.

It is the choice of the venue to extend their hours until 2 a.m. Most of the halls are choosing to remain with a last call of 1 a.m. as they incur additional fees when it comes to venue staff, resulting in additional fees to the Client.

For functions that decide to go until 2 a.m. there will be an additional fee of $200.00.

Q?How many functions have you performed at?

To give an exact number would be difficult after 30+ years of DJing. Generally, it averages out between 45-60 functions a year.

Q?May I see you perform at a function?

No.  Our policy is to NOT allow viewing of our services at wedding receptions of other private functions.  We feel it would be unfair and unethical of us to allow a stranger to just “pop-in” and watch even for a few minutes of someone else’s big day.  It would give the impression that we care more about the next booking rather than the focusing solely on the wedding couple of the evening.  We would rather lose a booking than allow our services to be compromised at ANY private function.

With that said, throughout the year we Disc Jockey at public functions which we advertise on our website as to where we’ll be playing, the date and the time.  You are more than welcome to come and see us at any public function we’re Disc Jockeying at.

Also, throughout the year you can also see us at some of Sudbury’s Bridal Shows.  The Bridal Shows will be listed on our website; on Facebook; on Twitter and on our Blog.

Q?Do you provide Master of Ceremony Services?

As with most DJ’s, we primarily deal only with the wedding couple, and therefore don’t know the wedding party or the families.  We generally recommend that your Emcee is someone familiar with both your families and the wedding party.

If there is no-one available to Emcee, we are happy to do this for you.

We also provide Emcee services just prior to the announcement of the first dance, father/daughter, bridal party, etc. Once the dance starts he introduces the wedding couple to the dance floor and carries on from there with all the applicable announcements that are needed throughout the evening.

Q?Are you able to play continuous music?

Yes.  The music never stops with the only exception of normal interruptions that occur during an evening.  Such as speeches, toasts, draws, lost/found announcements and last call.

Q?How much music do you have?

We carry a large database of music, from the 50’s to the present day.  We are always adding new tracks.  If there is a song you want, but it’s not on the list, please let us know and we’ll make sure you have it for your function.

Q?Will you be talking on the microphone all night?

No.  As your DJ, Denis talks when he should and interacts just enough to let people know that he’s there. He also makes necessary announcements as needed.

Q?What happens if you get sick or some tragic event happens in your life, do you have a backup?

Yes.  As members in good standing with the CPDJA, belonging to such an association provides added security that if there was a tragic event or serious illness that would prevent us from providing our services, we can all on our fellow members to help us out. If none of our fellow members are available, Cheryl is fully trained to take over.  In the 30+ years of Disc Jockeying, that has yet to be an issue.

Q?Do you Sub-Contract your work out?

Absolutely not!  Red’s Disc Jockey is solely owned and operated by both Denis and Cheryl Savoie. Once you contact us, we are the only people you deal with.  We DO NOT send an inexperienced friend to “cover” your function.   You paid for experience and that’s what you get with Red’s Disc Jockey.

Q?What do we, as clients, need to make sure you have at our venue?

We do require at least one six-foot table and two chairs.  We provide our own drop cloth to cover the cables.

Q?Are there any special needs for your equipment?

In the event of an outdoor function, we do require a facility that completely covers the equipment from direct sunlight and rain along with sufficient electrical power within 20 feet of the location of the equipment.

Q?What equipment and lighting do you use and have?
  • Sub-satellite Yorkville Speakers
  • Fully computerized system using 2 Laptops
  • Optoma EH501 Projector
  • Martin Raptor Light
  • Chauvet Swarm 4
  • American DJ Spherion
  • American DJ Quadphase
  • American DJ Vertigo Hex
  • American DJ Jelly Cosmos
  • Chauvet Rotosphere
  • Revo 3
  • Revo 4
  • Fusion FX Bar 5
  • DMX Operator 192
  • Starball Mirror Ball Light
  • Dual Color Laser Light
  • Haze Generator
  • JellyFish
  • BlissLight
  • 10’ Trusse
  • Light Stand Covers and Speaker Stand Covers
  • Stand Up lighting (Matching your color scheme)
  • Wired and Wireless Microphones
  • Microphone Stand, if required
Q?Can we use your sound system for speeches?

Yes. Microphones, often an extra charge at other companies, are complimentary and part of our packages.. So they are available for your use. We do recommend, however, that if your venue has its’ own sound system, it would be better to use it for the speeches as generally, the speakers are located around the room and the sound is more equally distributed.

Q?I’ve been to events where the volume was so loud we couldn’t hear each other talk. How do you handle the volume control?

We compliment your event – not overpower it. We understand the importance of conversation. At The Sound Solution, we pay careful attention to both sound levels and speaker placement.
Proper Acoustical Tuning helps to ensure listener comfort and dance floor coverage.
We also perform numerous listening checks in the audience area during the event to monitor the volume and quality of sound.
We use state of the art professional series equipment to produce top sound quality.
When this type of equipment is combined with our level of technical expertise, we can provide just the right amount of sound to both please and motivate those in attendance.

Q?Will you be appropriately dressed for my function?

Yes. We are always dressed to compliment your event. A dress shirt & tie are our minimum standard.

Q?Do you expect your clients to provide you with a meal?

While it is not a must, if we are providing dinner music, we do ask that one dinner be provided for Denis. If providing dinner is not possible, we do request prior notice to make alternate arrangements. Please note that Denis does not need to be seated with your guests. Denis prefer to sit with our equipment so he does not have to run back and forth when speeches are being made in order to adjust the music and volume.

Q?Do you DJ same sex receptions?

Yes. We play celebrations for everyone, without exception.

Q?I’ve heard horror stories of drunken DJ’s, DJ’s that smoke like a chimney. Do you drink or smoke at functions?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! In our opinion, it is truly the act of an unprofessional DJ to smoke and/or drink while on the job. In fact, even off the job we choose, in our personal lives, not to drink or smoke.

Q?How many breaks will you take, how often and for how long?

We do not stop the music to take a break. (I.e. a smoke break) However, if breaks are pre-determined by the Client as part of their reception, then yes breaks will be taken and these would be discussed at the time of booking or while planning your reception.

Q?I know you have a website, but can I see you anywhere else online?

Yes.  You can find us on Facebook; on Twitter; our Blog; on Pinterest and on YouTube.

Q?What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone (705-523-5435 or 705-691-1390) and my wife and I will personally be happy to answer all your questions without any obligation.